'American Dream' Tax Plan


The top 1% have taken our money and have not recirculated it as promised.  Instead, they've bought our politicians and have them work with them instead of us.  Common knowledge now.

​It's time for us to say we're worth more! 

Tax the top earning corporations and close their tax haven loopholes.  Tax them at 90% and offer deductions for doing the things we need to live happy, healthy, and successful lives.  Also known as the American Dream. 

This is not new!  It has been done before and history shows that it works!  

Our future is at stake if we don't collectively stand up to them and say, "Enough is enough.  You're just not worth that much!"  

We'll help them lower their payment if they offer... 

Parental Leave

A Union 

Installing Renewable Energy 

Installing Environmental Protections 

Hiring More Full Time Employees

Manufacturing in the United States

Paying Women Equal to Men

​Ending Server Pay


This is what I will fight for when elected into office. ​This is what we should all be fighting


Heather Geran; 29, School Bus Driver KCMO:

 "I believe it is time for change. We have tried for years the Trickle down theory, it has failed the american people. I believe in Angelica's American Dream Tax plan one-hundred percent. " 

Jeannie M. Lahman; Government Employee Centertown, MO:

 "American Dream Tax Plan: Conservative legislators at the state and federal level are notorious for cutting taxes for the most wealthy individuals and corporations at an enormous expense to the citizens of this country. Reckless tax laws have created shortfalls in budgets across the nation. Essential programs are being defunded while the wealthiest among us continue to stuff their coffers with potential tax dollars. Ms. Earl’s American Dream Tax Plan puts the bulk of the tax responsibility squarely where it belongs, with those in this country who have the most. We would be foolish to think we can continue to build and rebuild infrastructure, fund education and healthcare, and provide essential programs to our most vulnerable when those with the least amount of money are being strapped with a higher tax liability. Our tax laws are upside down. The American Dream Tax Plan can be the beginning of getting our economy back on its feet."  

Katie Tillman; Owner, Revolution Funding:

 "It's time Missourians have someone to represent the people not the 1%. Angelica has the experience and knowledge to bring healthcare to everyone and a tax plan that will help bring the funds in to do so."