Criminal Justice


There are far too many people in prison.  Prisons get paid by the federal government to stay full.  Prisoners are paid pocket change to make products that are sold to us.  These companies lobby to push for tougher laws to have more people jailed for victimless crimes to profit off of their prisoners.

Enough of this horrible game with people's lives.  Veterans are filling up jails for using medicinal marijuana.  The war on drugs is failed.  The school to prison pipeline in poverty stricken and black communities needs to stop.  I intend on pushing to reform current criminal justice laws.

It is compassion training that we need to weed out and reprimand brutal police officers.

Videos of police violence are filling the internet.  I will push to have a stop to police investigating themselves.  I will also pursue leglislation for all police departments to begin compassion training on a regular basis. 

Enough is enough.

It's time to start holding police departments and prisons accountable!

Help me get there so we can make these changes: