A very real concern for Missourians is education.  The standards that are required to be met in order for schools to receive funding are inappropriate. Standardized testing and common core are showing to be failing our children.  Education reform is needed.

College students are finding themselves in insurmountable debt when they graduate. This debt terrifies and essentially prohibits lower income individuals from getting advanced education.  The fear also comes from knowing that a job, after the degree is earned, is not guaranteed.

Public colleges need to be publicly sponsored for all to attend without accruing debt.  Student loans should not be a profit garnering system.  That is ludicrous.  Reform of student loan programs is something I will fight for with every breath of my being!

Something about me:  I have an AA from STLCC with a focus on history.  I've been prevented from returning to school due to the obscene amount of debt I would accrue with no guarantee of ever being able to pay it off.  Student loan debt can not be repaired through bankruptcy and, because its currently a for-profit structure, your student loan has the potential to more than double before it's paid off.

Again, I ask, please make a $3 contribution. This is our fight!