Our Farmers

Missouri farmers, and farmers all across the country, are barely making it by day to day.  Seed prices are high and monopolized.  Crop buying is monopolized even worse because corporations are forcing farmers to sell their goods at astronomically low prices.  I hear their struggles and I know that it's the job of the US Senate to break up these monopolies.  Instead, our current representatives are being bought and paid for by the companies that are forcing our farmers to struggle so deeply.

Our farmers are an integral part of our country and they feel forgotten by the big cities as they rely on their goods to put food on their tables, but they are barely getting that food to their table with the money they are not making from these buyers.  Other countries are buying land and putting disgusting hog farms in the middle of small towns with environmental protections being rolled back to cause noxious waste and decay to become part of the lives of the residents of these towns.

Team Missouri hears their struggles and will step up to end these monopolies to give the farmers, that America needs, a chance to survive and thrive.  We did not forget you, and we will fight for you.

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