Federal Job Guarantee

Despite a low in the unemployment rate, many of the new jobs of the past decade are low wage, part time jobs. Underemployment and low workforce participation tell us that we aren’t utilizing our human potential as a society. A majority of food stamp recipients, and recipients of other public aid, already work at least one job. 

Every American deserves the dignity of a living wage and the security of a job guarantee.

The American Society of Civil Engineers grades US infrastructure at a D+, and our communities need a great deal of work done. Community centers, schools, parks, libraries need to be built, our schools need more counselors and we need more affordable child care. We also have the human resources to get this work done, but the money from the private sector is not being mobilized to meet these goals.

The Federal Jobs Guarantee would provide people an alternative to welfare, enabling those that find themselves unemployed to go to work to better their communities.

It’s time to put America back to work. 

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