American Dream Tax Plan


  • The introduction of a tax plan that completely flips the script on current taxation.  

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Criminal Justice


  • End For-Profit Prisons
  • Compassion Training for Police Officers
  • ​Hold Brutal Police Officers Accountable
  • ​End the Drug War

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  • End Common Core
  • Free Public Colleges and Universities
  • ​Student Loan Reform

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Election Reform


  • End Citizen's United
  • Instate Ranked-Choice Voting
  • Stop Letting Politicians Draw Political Maps

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Health Care


  • Single-Payer (aka Universal Healthcare) via Medicare-For-All

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  • ​Equal Rights for All

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  • Legalize Medical Marijuana

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Renewable Energy


  • Renewable Energy Jobs
  • End Oil Pipelines
  • Fight for Environmental Protections

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Women's Rights


  • Pro-Women's Rights
  • Female Equity
  • ​Contraceptive Advocate
  • Parental Leave

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Worker's Rights


  • Regulations are Worker's Protections
  • ​Strengthen Unions
  • Raise the Minimum Wage
  • ​Female Equity

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