Missouri is coal and lead country. This creates a lot of misconceptions.  Coal and lead are hazardous to the health of employees, to our economy, and to our planet.  Missourians don't want to work in a toxic environment, they just want to work.  We understand that this is the energy of the past and it's time to move forward to protect our families and planet.

​Yes, we need jobs, but not in coal.  Truth is, most of the coal industry is now run by automation.  Its time to start bringing renewable energy jobs into abundance.

We also have an issue with pipelines spreading across our country and bursting, leaking thousands of gallons of oil into our clean water supplies and farmlands.  The Dakota Access Pipeline runs right over a water supply that provides St. Louis with fresh water.  

Renewable energy and environmental protections go hand-in-hand.

My plan would give businesses across the country the incentive to move into renewable energy and abandon the hazards we face with oil, lead, and coal. 

We should never rollback environmental protections for any reason.

The use of coal only continues because of government subsidies when we are in the age of cheap solar power.  It's up to us to say enough is enough.  It's time to step up to the greed pushing us backwards.  It's time to protect our future.

Please help me protect our planet by backing me up with a $3 contribution.