Women's Rights

Angelica and her youngest daughter.

From regular, everyday conversations, to advancement in the workplace, to reproductive rights, women are constantly on the defense.

There are zero reasons good enough to prevent a woman from making decisions about what is best for her own body.  The decision is hers alone.  Conversations about this should be between her and her doctor.  

Women still make less on every dollar earned than her male counterpart.  I experienced this first hand at one point.  Because of this, equity in the workplace needs the protection of the Senate.

Anti-discrimination laws to protect women are already in place federally but that law needs to be enforced.  Women need protections in place to prevent bigotry towards them.  Some of these protections come in the form of Universal Healthcare, such as equal access to contraceptives.

Having a baby is a traumatic experience to a woman's body.  For that reason and because a mother and father deserve time to be parents, I will push for parental leave protections for new parents.  It's essential that both the mother and father get time with their new born knowing that their position at work is being held.  I will push for child care assistance for every American family.

Our voices together are deafening.

​Let's get this done, I can't do it without you: