Worker's Rights

Regulations, a dirty word, but in reality they are PROTECTIONS.

We need protections to ensure that corporations do not put their employees at risk of physical harm, starvation, homelessness, and death.

Unions have been at the forefront of these protections causing them to be the subject of attack in an effort to break unions up and leave the employees vulnerable.  They are an integral part of the American Dream.

We also need to discuss the federal minimum wage.  For decades we have been fed the same line, "If wages go up then costs go up."  This is, simply put, propaganda.  Costs are going up even without raising wages.  Wages need to be increased to offset the effects of the rise in the cost for goods and services.  I stand with raising the federal minimum wage.  Our people are worth it.

Women need equity in the work place.  I have been the victim of receiving less pay just because I'm a woman.  This is unacceptable.

We will always be told the same things over and over, it is up to us to differentiate the truth from lies.  Raising the minimum wage, supporting unions, and female equity are three things that we must always fight for.  The corporations will not do the right thing unless we make them.

Stand up with me against corporations keeping us down.

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